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Adaptation means the acquisition of attributes that weren't in the previous generations. If polar bears descended from a first living(Life1) cell then that first cell didn't contain the information in reserve to instantiate a polar bear millions of years down the line. The information had to acquired because genes can only contain so much information. This is like believing that computer code can add information all by themselves, which can't be done.

The Wikipedia Aristotelians response to this argument is to induce Infinite regress by proposing that the Pattern or design dichotomy must not be assumed, but then not making it clear what are we then to assume. Leaving questions open ended risks Infinite regression - a formal fallacy.



There can be no doubt that species may become greatly modified through the direct action of environment. I have some excuse for not having formerly insisted more strongly on this head in my Origin of Species, as most of the best facts have been observed since its publication. --- Darwin, Life and Letters, iii. 232


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