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Resistance to antibiotics is increased though the survival of individuals that are immune to the effects of the antibiotic, whose offspring then inherit the resistance, creating a new population of resistant bacteria.

NOTES: This confuses cause with effect. Obviously those bacteria that are immune will have offspring that survive - this the effect. The actual cause must be derived elsewhere. Thus the reason for having resistance could be for various reasons:

  • The bacteria already possessed the attributes for resistance and it got expressed when confronted with the antibiotic.
  • The antibiotic didn't cause increase in information, only the expression of existing attributes. Bacteria are not adapted to anything.
  • If the other bacteria that were exposed to the same antibiotic survived , instead of the present one, we would be told the same story. Unfalsifiable constructs leads to cause effect inversion.
  • ..... creating a new population.... implies that we this competitive survival process , new attribute were created that weren't previously there: this begs the question - Circular reasoning.