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Infant baptism

Uri Geller performs a Jedi mind trick, using auto suggestive hypnosis by taking a key and while he says @.... you can't bend this....@ - he does exactly that, bends the key so that he can claim afterwards how he bent it using @mind power@.

When a person baptizes an infant he is also engaging in a mind trick, the trick of denying the essence of God himself - free will - while invoking the name of Jesus Christ. William Provine states that there is no free will, the same thing Calvin believed, by stating that God did not give us free will a person such as Calvin makes a confession of atheism. Infant baptism is the denial of faith

By their fruits you shall know them

The first thing that the Anabaptists did in the New World when they gained political power for the first time, was to provide the Jews with full religious freedoms. The only religious group who didn't persecute anybody throughout history was the anabaptists, even during times in history when severe cruelty were inflicted on those that disagreed with the official views.

Luther and Calvyn drowned and burned Anabatists(wederdopers) at the stake. It is an historical fact that when those who believed in infant baptism whether Catholic or Protestant persecuted and murdered those who did not infant baptize. Infant baptism started with the first pope Constantine, when paganism was outlawed in the Roman empire, it also outlawed all forms of Christianity that did not conform to the new official state religion. This was for political reasons as the Caesar had to find some justification for the dictatorship. Constantine still continued to worship the sun in private. Previously it was the communal sacrifice to the pagan gods, that provided political unity. Titus sacked Jerusalem and the same underlying paganism was perpetuated by incorporating Christianity by name only. The Jews have never been persecuted by true Christians, their persecution in the dark ages was but a continuation of Caesar persecution. Constantine outlawing something, meant death to transgressors, more true Christians were killed during the reign of Constantine then the previous 300 hundred years combined. The true Christians only baptized those who could call upon the name of the Lord Jesus.

Persecution of the Anabaptists

see. p.16 for the drowning of anabaptist by Zwigli from Religious pamphlets "...finally, the position of CARM is that it is okay to baptize infants if the parents of the infant are God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians who honestly see infant baptism as a covenantally faithful act -- not that it saves the child. On the other hand, if the parents do not believe it is proper to baptize their child, then it is not okay for them to do it..."

No, it isn't because it violates the law of noncontradiction. Nobody would board a Boeing where the captain believes that up is really down. You can't just believe what you want to believe and I what I want to believe. Parents who baptize infants are Atheists who like William Provine deny that faith is even possible.

God gave baptism as a means for us to express our faith in the death, burial and rising of Christ - Col 2. Obviously infants can't do this.


We are born-again by saying the sinners prayer(faith) and we will lose our salvation if we deny Christ and renounce him after this, never able to return back to God because Christ died once only , there is one sacrifice. This must not be confused with being backslid or having doubts about ones faith, God is a merciful God.

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