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The idea for subscripts came from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berry%27s_paradox The subscript x is used to denote that a user of the symbols design, pattern, random , evolve etc. hasn't documented in what type of PatternOrDesign sense the words are being used or that user of these semantic tools don't know what he is trying to say. In English the word "lovex" alone doesn't tell us what type of lovex is implied - (Agape, Phile). By using subscripts we thus simulate the Greek Lexicon. Subscripts allows everybody to document their world view without having to invent thousands of different words. Winston Churchill knew 15000, the KJV had a lexicon of 8000 and Shakespear thousands more. YEC, ID and atheists can now all use "evolution", "selection" etc. to document their views, avoiding arguments about the meaning of words because words have no meaning. Only the idea that for example CharlesKingsley had with evolution1 has meaning not the word itself.