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Bill Nye, Ken Ham debate[]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6kgvhG3AkI  Debate between Ham and Bill Nye 
http://guardianlv.com/2014/02/bill-nye-ken-ham-debate-in-depth-recap-synopsis-and-who-won/ He’s showing trees that are 6,800 years old and 9,550 years old. How could those trees be there is there was a flood 4,000 years ago? he asks. Trees can’t survive under water under water.

Before Gen.8(Induction) the atmosphere had a higher pressure, resulting an faster growth.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nOCP49JRKU Eric Hovind post debate show from Creation Museum. 7min Historical reconstruction creates an analogy and assumes that the reality corresponded to this. 


http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/02/05/the-bill-nye-ken-ham-debate-was-a-nightmare-for-science.html  Postive review for Ham 

http://theweek.com/article/index/256163/in-defense-of-creationists Must they decide between Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Dawkins on "punctuated equilibrium?" Who is supposed to be impressed by these declarations?

All orthodox Christians agree with the theological statement that God created the world ex nihilo — that is, out of nothing. And so it is a kind of nonsense to say that the fundamentalist is refuted by the fact that the speed of light travels thus and so, and we can see light from stars much, much further than 6,000 light-years away. Do we really think that a God who daubs the great blackness with burning stars cannot hang their light as well? It would be like saying a carpenter cannot paint a piece of crown molding before it is installed.

Debate analysis[]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCbWsjUtrSU   Post debate AIG discussion with Ken Ham and a staff member. Lady commits the reification fallacy at 16min and so does Ham at 19min, there are no such thing as natural laws. Ham seems to be caught between a transition from Evidentialism to Presuppositionalism. He rightly asked Hugh Ross from the Presuppositionalism point in a debate together with Eric Hovind to justify old earth from ScriptureKJV, Ross could not do this.

I don't think the early church had our present model where lots of people would be paid employees(pleonasm not tautology) answering to one person such as Ham. His staff with Phd's in astrophysics, biology etc. are Evidentialists.

This must be causing Ham a lot of soul searching and conflict.

http://www.aomin.org/aoblog/index.php/2014/02/06/geordi-and-riker-talk-to-the-pacleds-or-bill-nye-talks-to-folks-in-kentucky/ 32min

Bill Nye was condescending  ".... those of us on the outside world ...."  , contrasting the Kentucky simpletons  with the smart people in the rest of the US. 50min ".... that's how we do it on the outside ....."

54min James white said:".... the watch represents a purpose, that of marking time....." . 


He said that in Kentucky, the Creation Museum stands on many layers of limestone with coral fossils. He claimed there would not be enough time in a creationist timeframe for these creatures to grow, die, and then be fossilized. However, creationist marine biologist Dr Robert Carter has addressed the existence of fossil corals. The next argument was that there are ice cores with 680,000 layers, each formed in a summer/winter cycle. Again, he claimed that this disproves a creationist timeframe. However, creationists have also answered this, see Greenland ice cores: implicit evidence for catastrophic deposition. He also claimed that there are trees older than a biblical timeframe allows for. However, dendrochronology is not an exact science; see plant biologist Dr Don Batten’s article on dendrochronology. Nye specifically mentioned bristlecone pines, but there is evidence that they may have more than one growth ring per year as argued at Evidence for multiple ring growth per year in Bristlecone Pines. His next challenge related to geology. He asked, if the Grand Canyon was the result of a catastrophic global flood, why are there not grand canyons everywhere? But as flood geologists have demonstrated, the Flood would have involved a number of different mechanisms at various stages as the waters drained off the continents. In fact, many erosional features are best explained by a global flood. There is a vast body of creation information in this area; we would send interested readers to our Geology Q&A page. Nye asked a number of times, why do we not have examples of fossils mixed between layers; for instance, a mammal in trilobite layers. But to the surprise of many, ducks, squirrels, platypus, beaver-like and badger-like creatures have all been found in 'dinosaur-era' layers along with bees, cockroaches, frogs and pine trees. See The so-called 'Age of Dinosaurs' and Evolution exams and fossil fallacies.