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Sye Ten Bruggencate Destroyed By Jack Angstreich In 7 Minute Debate

Christian Apologist[]

Ten Bruggencate is internet famous for his aggressive indifference towards any reasoned response to his own argument, which consists of a single idea nowhere near as interesting as he insists it is. It is an argument based upon the discredited ideas of Immanuel Kant, with a reworking of a very old problem in the philosophy of m How do we know what we know is true, if we judge the reliability of our understanding according to attributes which are inherent to the very knowledge we wish to measure? Ten Bruggencate's refusal to accept that, when stripped of semantics, problems of this kind are rendered meaningless by accepting the primacy of existence axiom, often sees him play the hurt feelings card and use language synonymous with the "crazy Christian" stereotype.

Taking morality as an example of that which we wish to measure, Ten Bruggencate asserts that we can only know the difference between what is right and what is wrong if we have an absolute standard of morality by which to judge our actions against. As a Christian, Ten Bruggencate’s absolute standard of morality is the God of the Bible, Yahweh.

When presented with the fact that, in the Bible, Yahweh repeatedly commands his adherents to carry out acts of genocide, rape, enslavement, torture and the genital mutilation of infants, Ten Bruggencate's position is that those who point out this obvious challenge to God’s moral authority are in no position to judge His actions, since atheism cannot account for an absolute standard of morality.

He repeats this over and over on the assumption that it will eventually either make sense, or distract attention away from the fact that atheistic positions on morality don't in fact depend on the kind of absolutism he nevertheless insists they do. Not to mention that the whole point was that the Bible, in those verses, is failing to live up to the morality of Christians themselves; otherwise they wouldn't evade the question in this way.

Ten Bruggencate is extremely sincere in his religious beliefs and enthusiastic about sharing them with others. The Achilles' heel of his argument is a coupling of his refusal to accept the syllogism at the heart of his own proposal with his eagerness to reassign this characteristic towards anyone who happens to point it out.

When asked to provide arguments or evidence for the existence of God, he argues: 

http://www.onetoonetracts.com/ Tracts from Sye


http://soundcloud.com/always-ready/10-15-13 Interview with Sye starts around 10min

https://twitter.com/SyeTenB twitter account

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Sye Ten Bruggencate ‏@SyeTenB 18 Jul

Turns out @Aron_Ra doesn't use his reasoning to justify his reasoning! Who knew?

Note that the "rapping" music heard around the end on some of the videos is appalling and a form of 'strange fire'. Two brothers in the Old Testament sacrificed to God incorrectly and were killed by God for this. Our Lord is holy.