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Political control

The Catholic , Protestant wars showed the need for a homogenous belief in society. Calvinism was the official state religion of South-Africa under NP rule for the sole purpose of political control. Free will was opposed by the government trained 'dominee' Dutch reformed ministers to solidify NP control over society. The NP government paid for their training in NP controlled universities. In Scotland John Knox Calvinism was the officially enforced religion, probably preventing Irish style "troubles". Germany's princes hitched their wagons to Luther because they saw an opportunity to overthrow Vatican control over their affairs. Roman's caesars had everybody sacrificing to the gods, while privately mocking such beliefs. One said in jest on his death bed"..I am about to become a god..." They used a majority believed in god such as Mars to enforce control. When Christianity became dominant , Constantine chose it for control and thus had to implement infant baptism: like with sacrificing to the god of war, Mars, you had no choice in the matter. Free will had to be banished to solidify political control. The Jews were persecuted not by true Christians but political strategists who found a new way of societal control. Had Christianity never arose but something else , then the Jews would have blamed it, instead of understanding the actual reason behind their persecuting during the ages.

Van Til

Bahnsen and Van Til presuppositionalists, for some reason failed to notice that Calvinism is a tautological. My own theory is that the tautology that undergrids Greek philosophy Calvin studied and absorbed .

Van Till did not notice that Hegel formulated Meaningless sentences and what nonsense was absorbed into his philosophy from Hegel needs further study.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tautology_(rhetoric)

The tautological structure of the argument is indisputable and the conclusion thus a non-sequitur.

Bruggencate on Calvinism

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XANwGPaAxcc "....your free choices have been predestined by God ....." 1:24min

Which is a Reductio ad absurdum , violating the law of excluded middle(third). Free will/determinism , no third option. Free choice is the synonym of free will, not the third option to free will/non-free will.

Bruggencate is getting Erid Hovind so confused on this matter that Eric gave a non-response to the interlocutor 1:25min . Eric is contradicting himself, he can't claim to be a baptist and predestinationist at the same time. It violates law of noncontradiction.

Matt Dillahunty on Calvinism

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/50915177 20min . Around 25min he invokes induction and demands that God be demonstrated which is impossible because then God would not be God - Logical fallacies. He of course knows this.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIBJ1wVqCeU free will issue



http://theologui.blogspot.com/2014/07/why-this-calvinist-doesnt-make-much-of.html See refs. (pro Calvin view)