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https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=YkC5vuPI5_M Negation of P original new argument

rough notes[]

Primacy of existence. 15min ... magic sandwich show by atheist ozzy. Ozzy put out video ..... why the primacy of existence is no problem for the presuppositionalist ...

18min.... the constraint issue on God is a variation of "...Can God make a stone so heavy that he can't lift it.... 24min... why are contradictions wrong in the Atheist world view.... Attheists are using the Biblical law of non-contradiction , which they cannot do based on their premises.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSEmIksPH6Q  1h10min

1-14  we move from what we do know backwards in order to find its justification

1-14 Dr.Shook replies , basically saying that the regression problem only applies to God and not to his atheist world view and misconstrues Colin's argument: Colin asserts that his premises are true because they have been revealed to him as such by God who knows everything, knowing everything God prevents Agrippian regression. Only if Shook knew everything would he be able to know the converse. 

1-17  shook on contradiction 

1-17 Atheist Colin(there are two colins ,one Xtian, one Atheist) is clueless about the concept of truth: it has been proven math. by Tarski that truth is undefined - of this we are certain. Thus to even know that our concept of truth is filled with uncertainties one would have to know what truth is from the finite. 

1-22 Colin - Xtian makes his argument