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=== Books by Zeller ===
p.9 of his book Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics


'.... a simple belief that mind and matter were originally connected....'

===Calvin link===
foreordination p.172 link this with predestination. It seems Calvin lifted his predest from the Greeks.

p.379 artificial fire


epicurus.... destroyed by his theory of the derivation of atoms the consistency of the theory of Democritus...

(NOTES: Prof. Owen had the Doctrine of Derivation and Spencer in 1852 (Leadership magazine) Theory of Evolution)

p.476 epicureans held doctrine of atoms and theory of necessity. Stoics saw God everywhere, seems a form of foreordination of predestination.


find out how much calvin and luther studied greek scholars, somehow Greek myth would have embedded in their theology. it always happens if people study aristotle , not realizing that Aristotle's entire world view is a flight of tautological banalities.