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According to Daniel’s second chapter in the Bible, a king of Babylon had this dream, woke with a terrible start and could not go back to sleep until he had it explained to him. Not only that, but he could not remember the dream itself. He was so desperate that he was ready to exterminate the entire intelligensia of Babylon (the Chaldeans) if he didn’t get any answers. Fortunately for the Chaldeans (and I think the Antikythera Mechanism, despite being Greek, probably wouldn’t have been made if they were killed off at this point in history long before), Daniel got the same dream and its explanation. It was a statue with five levels made of five different materials, and since that history has all but completely played out since then, we know what these parts now represent.
1. Golden Head: Babylonian Empire
2. Silver Chest/Arms: Medianite/Persian Empire
3. Bronze Pelvis/Hips: Greek Empire (this was the Bronze Age as well.)
4. Iron Knees/Calves: Roman Empire (Iron Age)
5. Clay/Iron Feet: Roman Catholic Church (Dark Ages to currently.)
6. The Rock that smashes the statue: Kingdom of Heaven (the event being the Rapture/Resurrection.)

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