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From a YEC theist perspective there is only a pattern(Evolution1) or design(Evolution2</ sub>) distinction. He believes it like he believes the sun is shining and can't therefore be expected to "suspend" his religious metaphysical beliefs and enter HumptyDumpty space when engaging with non-theists. The theist and non-theist inhabit separate language realities, but the non-theist are using symbols such as evolution, selection which before 1859 was used by theists to project their world view in terms of a pattern(Evolution1) or design(Evolution2) dichotomy. With the result that it has become impossible to determine what YEC, ID and atheist apollogetics movements are trying to say.

ID, Atheist, YEC publishers - making money out of their information make it a disincentive to clarify what they mean with tautology, selection, design and evolution, since the words themselves have no meaning. A great way to make money from selling books is to have the YEC, ID and Atheist side never define their terms so one can't say whether either side was right or wrong after finishing "The design inference" by Dembski, resulting in the searching soul buying yet another book such as "The Devils delusion" by DavidBerlinski or "The God delusion" by Dawkins.

The evolutionists of today characterize CharlesKingsley, JohnBurroughs and HenryFairfieldOsborn as not being "true evolutionists" or not understanding the concept, which is the [[No True Scotsman]] fallacy.

Many scientists have two religious belief systems one on Sunday at church and the other one on Monday and they tunnel through a semantic wormhole between the two by invoking the HumptyDumpty principle. Trouble with this is that the Lord Jesus Christ will remove their names from the book of life if they invoke the HumptyDumpty principle their religion is futile, God demands that one have consistent belief system on Sunday and Monday when writing that journal paper. Your decision is between your immortal soul and inserting "natural selection" into that paper on transition matrices in the biophysics journal. The Evolution3 adherents don't care what you believe on Sunday as long you write that the transition matrix that maps polypeptide space into frog space got naturaled on Monday. (VerbingNouns). In the same manner it was allowed for the early Xtians to worship Christ as long as they also said "Caesar is Lord".