This reminds me of a parable Michael Scriven once told me when he was visiting UNLV in the mid-90s and I was on the faculty there. Here’s what he said. Suppose someone asks you, “where’s 7-Eleven,” and you answer, “4th and Vine.” And then you are asked, “where’s 4th and Vine.” And you answer, “In Los Angeles.” You then answer every subsequent “where” question in the following way:

“Where’s Los Angeles?” In California “Where’s California?” In the U.S. “Where’s the U.S.” In Norht America “Where’s North America?” On Earth “Where’s Earth?” Third planet from the sun in our solar system. “Where’s the solar system?” In the Milky Way Galaxy. “Where’s the Milky Way Galaxy?” In the universe. “Where the universe?” Uhhh! “See, I knew you couldn’t tell me where 7-Eleven is.”

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