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Matt Dillahunty Gets Angry!!! Hangs Up On The Realistic Nihilist

As the one who has championed the atheist side of the greatest debate in philosophy for over a decade , and arguably the most impactful atheist debater since the late Christopher Hitchens, only he’s far more philosophical. Dillahunty always calmly shreds the callers flawed logic to pieces, which is why almost 90%of callers should not call in unless they actually know what their talking about, highly prominent debaters in support of god’s existence such as William Lane, Craig have copt out of many debates with Matt Dillahunty with the pathetic excuse that “Dillahunty has no degree in philosophy.” To this day Craig refuses and has yet to debate Dillahunty.

Dillahunty is the president of the Atheist Community Of Austin.