Prof. HerrmannEdit

Prof. Herrmann at wrote ".....A language, as we know it, if improperly applied along with classical logic can lead to meaningless statements when meaningful phrases are employed....The fact that there exists millions of meaningless statements in the sense of classical logic is relevant in that it shows that the descriptive power of any human language is limited...

Recursive grammar Edit “.......(T)here are Monte Carlo generators designed to structure such texts and write entire papers. Fed with ‘postmodernist’ texts, they can randomize phrases under a method called recursive grammar, and produce grammatically sound but entirely meaningless sentences that sound like Jacques Derrida, Camille Paglia, and such a crown..........”

See Nassim Taleb for his violations of the law of excluded middle. He was able to identify meaningless sentences in the quote above, yet seemingly lost that ability and his Black swan concept is a tautology, obviously there will either be or not be a significant event with no third option possible by law of excluded third. Hence his conclusions(out of the money options) are arbitrary, not necessarily wrong but not deriving logically as they are a repetition of the premise(out of the money options). The fog of his narrative was to obfuscate his pretext.

Sokal hoax Edit

"My article is a melange of truth, half truth, quarter-truths, falsehoods, non-sequiturs, and syntactically correct sentences that have no meaning whatsoever." (Sokal, 1996.) "It took me a lot of writing and rewriting before the article reached the desired level of unclarity." (Mukerjee, 1998, p. 18.) "....Predictably a thriving academic sub-industry has since grown up interpreting the event! (Roberts, 1997/8, p. 24.) One is reminded of the celebrated painting later revealed to have been the work of chimps ......"

  • Mukerjee, M., (1998), "Undressing the emperor", Scientific American, March, 17-18.
  • Kamiya, G., (1998), "Transgressing the boundaries; Towards a Transormativbe Hermeneutics.... ".

Hoax paper accepted Edit

"....We are trying to relate the analytic thinking required in focused conference sessions, to the synthetic thinking, required for analogies generation, which calls for multi-focus domain and divergent thinking. We are trying to promote a synergic relation between analytically and synthetically oriented minds, as it is found between left and right brain hemispheres, by means of the corpus callosum....."

Stribling's paper consisted of randomly generated buzzwords munged into complete English sentences by a madlib-like program, so they were grammatically correct but meaningless: much like one of Jonathan Schwartz's weblog entries(Giant Shrimp), or a Cory Doctorow novel.

Dr.Fox lecture Edit

The famous Dr. Fox effect:

"....[T]he overriding influence of instructor expressiveness on students' evaluation of college and university teaching...." (Marsh, 1987; the original Dr. Fox, a professional actor, delivered a contentless lecture to an audience of educators and graduate students who subsequently rated him very favorably; see Naftulin, Ware & Donnelly, 1973).
  • Marsh, Herbert W. (1987) "Dr. Fox" Studies. International Journal of Educational Research, 11, 331-336.
  • Naftulin, D. H., Ware, J. E. & Donnelly, F. A. (1973) The Doctor Fox lecture: A Paradigm of Educational Seduction. Journal of Medical Education, 48, 630-635.

Computer generated papers retracted Edit 120 gibberish papers , accepted by journals

The SCIgen fake paper generator is a rather long “Mad libs” template. The sentences are constructed by hand, but blanks are left for “scientific_adjective”, “noun-for-process”, etc. Glossaries of 50 or 100 words are supplied for these adjectives and nouns, and then the paper is constructed by filling the blanks randomly. So the grammar is correct, even the logic is correct, it is just that the content is made up. The code for this generator was made by 3 grad students at MIT in 2005, and originally the blanks were all “computer-science” words. The references are constructed likewise. The students did this as a prank, to demonstrate that many meetings don’t really care about “peer-reviewing” the entries, they care about making money off the registrants. What is scary, is that many of these journals that accepted the papers–IEEE and Springer-Verlag–are respected and “peer reviewed” journals.

The students made their “Mad lib” code available to everybody, and since 2005, other uses have been found for it. For example, both in China and in Eastern Europe, promotions are based on getting peer-reviewed articles into English-speaking journals. Many scientists have next to nil English writing ability, and this is a way to raise your publication count

Meaningless sentencesEdit

  • The Long War Against God p.158 Henry Morris: "... Creationists have always recognized the validity of selection as a conservative mechanism, serving to prevent the establishment of unfit mutants as dominants in a population, but Darwinians still misuse this principle by assigning to it the power to develop higher, more complex species..." Selection what, who did the selecting?
  • ..Natural Selection mimics intelligence...- Stephen Meyer. If ns mimics intelligence then why can't it mimic stupidity?
  • ... Natural Selection is blind... - Kenneth Miller If ns is blind then why isn't it stupid?
  • If a fish eats another fish, does it know it is eating shushi? 
  • .... Plenty of variation for natural selection to work on .... Is work being used in the Pattern or design sense by Dawkins.
  • "..Darwin’s mechanism of natural selection and random variations, in contrast, requires a functional system at each transition along the way. Natural selection can select for present but not for future function. ...." Discovery institute's semiotic necromancy clouds their ability to discern that ID like YEC is unfalsifiable, unfalsifiability(laws of logic)  prevents suspension of reason.
  • '... A unit of selection is a biological entity within the hierarchy of biological organisation... - bio-evolution doesn't yet cut-it as real science, lacking a fundamental operator ( such as d/dx ) to express the verbally stated concept of "selection" -
  • ... a free-rider is a trait that could have been acted upon by selection,... - PatternOrDesign,Jerry Fodor
  • .... by the process of natural selection .... Decisions can be thoughtful, hasty, slow , reluctant but not 'natural' - DernavichInfidels
  • ...Look — Field studies attempting to measure natural selection inevitably report weak to non-existent selection effects.... - David Berlinski . Is selection a cause or an effect in terms of Pattern or design.
  • ..... natural selection cannot increase information .... . This is a favorite amongst my fellow YEC brethren in the Lord Jesus. They are sadly more confused then the atheists. Whatever the reason for information decrease/increase in genes, it has nothing to do with anything getting naturaled. - Robot1
  • - Ben Stein movie around 42min on Natural Selection -
  • ....Natural selection cannot explain the origin of genes because there was no information for natural selection to act on..... - . My comment on this is that ns as a claim of logic doesn't "act" on anything, because tautologies cannot be experienced. Berlinski noted in his book Black Mischief first edition that ns comes across as a strange force like concept.
  • ... explain how Natural Selection leads to increased Fitness1... Which is like asking one to explain how square circles leads to increased equilibrium or 'explain' how a traffic light can be both red and green at the same time. We need to consider that by definition a decision or selection can't be natural - Preferential decision. A decision can be preferential where 'natural' is used as a metaphor for preferential. The English language is a metaphorical marshmallow.
  • ...Julio cranks his wooden cheese...
  • .... Colorless green ideas sleep furiously ... Colorless green, Chomsky
  • ....couldn't account for human intelligence purely by the action of selection... If by selection we mean survival, then we have a cause-effect inversion. Survival is an effect, not a cause - Chomsky#selection_all_about_survival
  • Shakespear formulated many meaningless sentences, tricking scholars into trying to make sense of it. It is very poetic but like Aquinas Thomistic theses inebriated semantic fog.
  • "...Active purposeful behavior is then either feedback teleological on non-teleological..." - meaningless or . See Purpose1.
  • ...evolutionary biologists may be deluding themselves if they think they have a good handle on the typical strength of selection in nature.... Who did the selecting?

Dissimilar terms describe same conceptEdit

natural preservation, accumulation, selection or survival are used to formulate different sentences that refer to the same Agrippian Adaptation concept. A 'natural preservation' can still pass as meaningful, not so with 'natural selection', unless we mean Preferential decision. Lets formulate PatrickMatthew's and MalThus meaningful idea natural means of competitive selection using accumulation, survival(HenryFairfieldOsborn) or Darwin's preferred term preservation to express the Adaptation view.

  • By a natural(unintended) competitive survival process the strong survived over the weak to dominate an ecological niche.
  • By a natural competitive accumulation process the strong survived over the weak to dominate an ecological niche.
  • By a natural competitive preservation process the strong survived over the weak to dominate an ecological niche.
  • By a natural competitive domination process the strong survived over the weak to dominate an ecological niche.
  • By a natural competitive selection process the strong survived over the weak to dominate an ecological niche.

Survival, accumulation, preservation etc. are dissimilar terms that can replace selection to still reflect the core Popper unfalsifiable ideas of JamesHutton, MalThus and Matthew's view on Adaptation. Strong <=> survived , says the same thing twice, if the other animal survived we would be told the same story. It is formulated so that its truth cannot be disputed, making it a logical fallacy from which any conclusion is a non-sequitur. Adaptation is the unfalsifiable inverse of the unfalsifiable YEC Expression world view.

The Blank SwanEdit

NOTES: The Author of the uses contingency for uncertainty. From a Platonic primary binary contrast position there is only uncertainty(probability) and certainty in the financial markets. He wants to go ..... beyond contingency.... meaning he wants to introduce some third option to certainty/uncertainty dichotomy, like with "selection's" biological definition in dictionaries beginning around 1940, which from the KJV YEC Pattern or design dichotomy premise doesn't exist. It is possible that vast sections of his book were generated using recursive grammar software that generates grammatically correct but meaningless sentences as is done at

“The market, once its name is uttered, can only itself become the source and itself become the given.”
“To mediate contingency, we will need to be in a place of an ‘exchanging’ and invaginating nature; we will need a relation with literally no interior, what Deleuze calls the ‘self of difference’.”
“A path may be opened from inside Kant’s correlational circle.”
“If the exchange lies at the heart of the other... if it is indeed the other of ontology... then un-totalization will obtain.”
“The impossible exchange of absolute contingency will be made possible by embedding the exchange in the very molecule of the medium.”
“The market surface is the reciprocal of the thought of the absolute.”
"....Contingency is the writing/trading thread that we keep pursuing despite the fact that the context has been saturated by replication....."

William Russell commented:

'....That's a great sentence. Unfortunately, it took me two days of thinking before I understood it. This is an interesting book, but it is not a leisurely read for the average Joe.....'

Notes: William Russell should consider that in trying to sound clever and over-awh with rhetorical wit , one could actually wind up writing grammatically correct but meaningless nonsense that obfuscates what might be a valid concept.

Gianantonio Bissaro wrote:

The author wrote in some blog that his "ideas" are so advanced that it will take years for people to understand them (I quote literally: "I don't expect my writings to make sense to you immediately; they probably won't before a few years"). ....... I think that all clever readers have already realized what is here to be understood. Nothing, unfortunately

Further meaningless nonsense: blank swan book google books

...History is faster than possibility and harder than conceptual, thought, which knows only possibility...

Notes:. History is an effect and never repeats itself, because each generation has different circumstances, other than that the sentence is obvious meaningless hubris. Forex traders try to identify repeating patterns. A sensible discussion as to the difference between historical events and repeating patterns as it relates to survivalist bias, forwarding looking bias and data-snooping bias can only be explored in terms of the YEC Pattern or design premise.

Ayache wrote: ".....In sum, if we define a market (of contingent claims) as a place where contingent claims of every level of complexity trade simultaneously, at prices that are not redundant which each other, then you will find that you can never capture this in a picture with defined states. People commonly think that there is such a picture, only it changes and expands over time. This is exactly what I dispute, for, in my mind, the definition of market is instantaneous (all contingent claims must instantly trade non redundantly)......"

A podcast on BFM Malaysia from Ayache

My most recent published article by Ayache:

Ayache wrote: ".......Finally, the Wilmott forum where my book is under very hot and interesting discussion (I am "numbersix"): ...." ".... Ayache’s swan is blank because “the writing process and the pricing process are two special kinds of processes that do not take place in possibility or in probability, like the traditional stochastic processes ... For this reason, their Swan bird, or the event that gives them wings, is BLANK. It is neither Black nor White; it is neither loaded with improbability nor with probability. It can only be filled with writing, as when we say ‘to fill in the blanks’.” (p. xv) ....."

Ayache's denial of Platonic ratiocination leads to his delusions of grandeur , "....I thought it was important to make this clarification, because there are indeed, for the time being, 'only a handful of people in the world who are capable of fully understanding and appreciating my book' ....."

Function in biology Edit

...A function is the reason some object or process occurred in a system that evolved through a process of selection or Natural selection. Thus, function refers forward from the object or process, along some chain of causation, to the goal or success.[1] Compare this to the mechanism of the object or process, which looks backward along some chain of causation, explaining how the feature occurred...Function is not the same as purpose in the teleological sense....... Evolution is a blind process which has no 'goal' for the future.

Rephrased in English: ...Function looks forward and mechanism looks backward.... Which is meaningless nonsense.

If evolution is a blind process then why isn't it stupid? Are Ken Miller's blind natural selection (which apparently isn't stupid) the same thing as evolution. If perhaps both evolution and natural selection are blind but not stupid in what why would the one be the mechanism while the other not?

Functionality must be explored under the D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's Composite Integrity or Irreducible Functionality, the interplay between complexity, redundancy and functionality representing a pattern with a purpose or mechanism as interpreted in terms of the Pattern or design dichotomy. Ref , Tautological Oxymorons

Notes Edit

Nytimes blog Edit

See Politics and the English language Contrast Beer’s vigorous prose with the following passage from a social sciences book: The partial participation of newcomers is by no means “disconnected” from the practice of interest. Furthermore, it is also a dynamic concept. In this sense, peripherality, when it is enabled, suggests an opening, a way of gaining access to sources for understanding through growing involvement. The ambiguity inherent in peripheral participation must then be connected to issues of legitimacy, of the social organization of and control over resources, if it is to gain its full analytical potential.


Epicureans are playing with Henry Morris, Ken Ham, Dembski, Behe etc. like a cat plays with a mouse.Ken Ham, Dawkins, Behe, Dembski etc are deceived, this though doesn't invalidate their world views necessarily. YEC is correct because the Masoretic says so - Godel's incompleteness theorem, Godelian Wall. One can accept with one's heart what the Textus Receptus says based the testimony of its authors - Bible isn't defined.

The Meaningless sentence litmus test is used to take down theists and especially YEC, excluding them from medical studies etc. Christians are denying their faith in Christ by using Meaningless sentences. It is becoming ever more impossible to be accepted into a trade guild without passing the Epicurean Meaningless sentence litmus test. For those who love the truth and abhor Meaningless sentences it will become eventually impossible to obtain any sort of academic qualification from Epicurean government officials. Many government schools will fail children if they refuse to use Meaningless sentence, a form of Stasi like persecution, via unrelenting psychological pressure.

LinksEdit This resonates with me, had to impose some sort of meaning on the grammatical gargoyle Natural Selection because it is so entrenched, finally managed to do this with preferential decision, which reflects the Pattern or design world view.

Because Sentences have no meaning, one must determine what the idea, paradigm or world view is first and use sentences to to express such view.

Cosmological natural selection =Edit So, in a sense, fecundity cosmological natural selection is one where universes could die off before successfully reproducing, just as any biological being can die without having offspring.[4]

Wikipedia never defines natural selection Edit Natural selection is the nonrandom process by which biologic traits become more or less common in a population as a function of differential reproduction of their bearers. It is a key mechanism of evolution.

We are told that something labeled 'natural selection' is the non-random process, but aren't informed as to what this Natural Selection is. If we replace natural selection with preferential decision the Epicureans object and say that natural selection doesn't mean this, which is correct because Sentences have no meaning. They don't know what it is they mean with natural selection as observed by Jerry Fodor in his LRB book review .... what then is the intended meaning of natural selection.....the question is wide open as of this writing.... On his blogging heads podcast he stated: ... if you scratch two biologists you will get two different definitions of natural selection....

Volitionalistic Edit

This is a strong indication that the real problem we are dealing with is a world view trying to incorporate volitional type language to express that volition, purpose or will are illusions resulting in meaningless sentences.

24 Thomistic theses Edit

The sentences from are meaningless. Aristotle influenced Thomas Aquinas and nobody knows what Aristotle wrote in his originals at many places due to damage to the manuscripts, with the copiers and translators substituting their own words. This is a contributing factor the meaningless sentences as formulated under the 24 Thomistic Theses. In addition the irrational actors from the middle east got hold of the copies and injected their particular mad hatter brand of cognitive declension.

From the article : ...Hence in any order in which an act is pure act, it will only exist, in that order, as a unique and unlimited act. But whenever it is finite and manifold, it has entered into a true composition with potency.....

There is nothing in the words themselves that could indicate what this paragraph means, making it highly like that if you have to be an "expert" to understand it we have in reality meaningless sentences .

Proverbs 18:21- .. Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.....

From the words themselves the meaning can be deduced, contrast it to the Thomistic thesis. David Berlinski said that even he finds if difficult to decipher the meaning behind the thesis, if not even a logician like Berlinski can't comprehend it, then what hope is there for anybody else?

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