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Selection as metaphor[]

Note the metaphorical usage and issues surrounding 'selection' by EpiCurus, Pierre Flourens, EpiCurus#Professor_Janet_on_Epicurus , http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Natural_Selection and how this relates to the Pattern or design binary opposites.


There is no such thing as a literal meaning, all of language functions solely as metaphor. Dictionaries document the majority usage. IN the majority of cases decision,selection,acts,produce,process are metaphors used to describe a pattern with a Purpose1.


IN a minority of cases a Metaphor#Majority are used to express something in either the Pattern or design sense.

  • The tornado selected the house on the left to destroy. Tornado's don't have (Purpose1).
  • The cat kicked over a bucket filled with alphabetic letters, scattering a 'random sampling' over the floor. No Purpose1.

Many dictionaries also lists selection's "biological" definition, but because Life1 itself isn't the defined in terms of their materialist premises, there can't be a definition of 'selection' in terms of the study of life(biology). Biology is defined as the Study of life.

Tautology notes[]


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