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"...Are what we call thoughts and ideas necessarily determined by the atoms bouncing around in our heads the way atoms bounce around in solar systems? If our minds consist of nothing more than the same matter that makes up the rest of the universe, one may be tempted to answer, yes. But, then the question would be, isn’t that answer also necessarily determined? And on and on it goes! If what we call “thoughts” are necessarily determined, then words and ideas really have no meaning, we could not have thought or acted any differently than we did anymore than Jupiter could take a break....."

"..Well, if matter in motion is all there is, then matter in motion is all there is! In other words, there are no elements that allow us to draw independent conclusions, or to give real meaning to words and sentences. If this form of atheistic cosmology it true, then the matter in motion that makes up you and me must also act in a necessarily determined way, as all other matter in motion must. What we call thoughts, are nothing more than the result of atoms and molecules bouncing around in our heads as they must according to the laws of physics...."

"...If this is true, then it would be impossible for me not to be a Christian; that is the way the atoms are bouncing and no one can do anything about it. It would be impossible for an Atheist not to be an Atheist; that is the way the atoms are bouncing in his head. This means there is no such thing as real “thoughts,” there is merely the necessary bouncing of atoms, deterministically producing what bouncing atoms produce...."

http://richarddawkins.net/article,194,Huw-Edwards-Interviews-Richard-Dawkins,BBC-Richard-Dawkins#1354 "....Dawkins as an atheist says he wants people to make up their own minds. Well, if our minds consist of atoms bouncing around constrained by the laws of chemistry and physics, we don't believe what we believe because it is true. So Dawkins, according to his own beliefs, has to admit that he believes what he believes not because they are true. His atheism undercuts any attempts to utilize logic (which is immaterial btw) and reasoning...."

Self-defeating statements[]

Self-defeating(Mind or Matter) statements:

  • "I refuse to believe in God because he can't be absolultely proven". Therefore the sentence is absolutely false because it can't be absolutely proven itself.
  • "There are no absolutes". Are you absolutely sure?
  • "I have no beliefs". Do you realy believe that?

William Provine[]

William provine states that evolution makes free will impossible. From the Expelled video. Thus his sentence: there is no free will, wasn't an act of free will itself.

Materialism is defined as not assuming anything it can't observe or that isn't proven. But since the axiomatic integer based logic we use to express our world will never be able to be proven itself, their entire world view is unproven.

Thus for Provine there is no such thing as a Pattern or design dichotomy, everything that happens is matter in motion.