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  • Dictionary from 1850 used which had the presupposition of Platonic opposites.



All of language functions as on the principle of Pattern or design, Platonic binary opposites.


Sentences have no meaning only ideas have meaning. See Pragmatics


Only sentences(ideas) can be a claim of logic, Tautological assertions, Tautological expressions or a rhetorical tautology(Logical fallacies): only sentences can be tautologies and not terms. IF a term is used as tautology it is only if used as contracted short-hand for a full sentence. For example ns was the metaphor for the phrase Survival of the Fittest , which in turn was an apt short hand for Patrick Matthew's natural means of competitive selection. There is nothing in the oxymoron natural selection itself that would indicate this. Thus the non-metaphorical usage of ns in sentences lead to the formulation of Meaningless sentences. For a sentence to even be a tautology it has to at the very least be meaningful. What happens, happens is at least meaningful.

http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Talk/talk.origins/2011-10/msg02062.html Ray Martinez states that under the rubric of ns we have a list of truisms asserted to be a mechanism. I make the same point in the main Tautology article namely that claims of logic are invoked as a mechanism because the universal mechanism - Life1 that spawns us into existence can't be defined under materialism.

Jerry Fodor views that under the term ns we have a collection of truisms.


Natural Selection as a term is an oxymoron, its opposite is Pleonasm.