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An engineer builds a robot that can both swim and walk and gives it to another person not knowing about its *swimming* attributes. He plays with the robot and sees it walking for years, he begins to assume it can only walk. One day it falls in the water, its water sensor senses water triggering it to shape like a submarine , push out a propeller and swim. The robot didn't adapt to the water, it expressed its attributes.

Bacteria displaying resistance to anti-biotics are not adapting to anything, they only express their attributes that weren't known to the observer, but were created by the Lord Jesus 6000 years ago.

Adaptation as used assumes that the first living cell didn't have the information packed inside to evolve an Elephant 400mil years down the road. It is assumed that the information was added via a process of what Matthew called *natural means of competitive selection* between creature A and B as A won to dominate a niche, which is unfalsifiable, because if B won, we would be told the same story. It is formulated in such a way that its truth is guaranteed.

At least the *natural means of competitive selection* between A and B makes sense and is grammatical. NS is grammatical but like the Sokal Hoax sentences meaningless - http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Meaningless_sentence

IF we assume there was a first living cell , then we have two possibilities.

  • 1) By some process God added information to the first cell every few million years, resulting in new species - Theistic evolution.
  • 2) The first living cell didn't contain any information that would result in an Elephant 400mil years down the line and God did not intervene by adding information. Information increase took place by some yet to be defined mechanism.

This is the version atheists choose. Their mechanism is an unfalsifiable story of creature A fighting B to dominate a niche.

  • 3) The first cell was packed with all the information for every species that would descend from it. This raises the question as to who packed in the information. If it was space aliens, the question would be who made the space aliens.